Food shopping in Spain is cheapest at supermarkets in Murcia and Galicia

A consumer survey finds that Alcampo and Mercadona stores are the cheapest in Murcia and Cartagena

Spain’s Consumers’ and Users’ Organization (OCU) has published the results of a survey this week which show that Murcia and Galicia are the least expensive regions in Spain for families to fill their weekly shopping basket at supermarkets, having analysed a total of 184,126 prices in 1,225 stores in 65 cities throughout the country.

On average it is calculated that the average household could have saved up to 1,063 euros over the last 12 months by buying produce from one store instead of another (12.3 per cent more than a year ago), while in the Region of Murcia the difference between the tenth most expensive and the tenth cheapest supermarket amounts to 540 euros per year.

Across the country the most expensive regions are found to be Catalunya and the Balearics, while shopping is cheapest in Galicia and Murcia, with the cheapest supermarket in the country reportedly being the Alcampo store in Coia en Vigo (in the Galicia province of Pontevedra). The most expensive are once again the three Sánchez Romero stores in Madrid and Alcobendas.

Alcampo is also reported to be the cheapest store in 31 cities while Mercadona claims top spot in 16, while in terms of everyday foodstuffs the sharpest price increases over the last year have been in those of onions (44 per cent), potatoes (29.8 per cent) and rabbit (11 per cent): at the other end of the scale the cost of buying other products has fallen, by 27.5 per cent in the case of light olive oil, 12.5 per cent for strawberries and 11.3 per cent for courgettes.

In and around the city of Murcia the cheapest supermarket is reported to be the Alcampo in Avenida Juan de Borbón, as it was last year, although Mercadona fills 16 of the top 20 places, while in Cartagena the lowest prices are reported to be at the Mercadona in Calle Ramón y Cajal.

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