IKEA to start emission-free deliveries in Tampere

Swedish furniture giant IKEA plans to start testing out emission-free home delivery in Finland, with Tampere set to be the first city for the trial.

According to IKEA, this will be the first trial of its kind in the Nordics, and the pilot truck that is set to arrive in Finland is of a size never before seen in the region. The company said it will begin testing the DAF/Emoss brand electric truck in the southern city in early October.

Jessica Lehtinen, corporate responsibility manager of IKEA Finland, said thatthe company is already testing emission-free home delivery in five global cities, including Shangai, China and London, UK.

IKEA plans to use electric vehicles for home delivery in other parts of Finland as well. It also aims to gradually incorporate renewable diesel in home deliveries in the Greater Helsinki area and Raisio in southwest Finland from this autumn onwards.

According to the company, renewable diesel achieves approximately 90 percent lower emissions than conventional diesel.Sources Yle

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