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In Slovenia, it would be nice to visit museums, admire the architecture, enjoy nature and outdoor activities, but it’s very important to set aside some time for shopping. In Slovenia, you can buy wonderful both branded products and wonderful unique things not found in other countries. “CityPark”, a large shopping center in Ljubljana, is one of the most popular places for shopping and entertainment. It often hosts fashion shows and events for children and adults. Small at first glance – it has only two floors – this mall contains everything you need for excellent shopping, including stores of clothes, cosmetics, books, a hypermarket, and a large Lego store.Slovenia sightseeing – top places to visitSlovenia has long become a favorite place of rest among fans of eco-tourism, alpine ski and interesting excursions. The country is so diverse that …
Read further“BTC City” in Ljubljana is a shopping, cultural and business center presenting about 10 thousand brands, more than 60 cafes and restaurants, children’s game rooms, an outdoor market with vegetables and fruits, and a water park. In the city of Koper, you’ll find Park Center Mall with a broad choice of products by famous brands like “OBI”, “New Yorker” and others. When shopping, children from three to twelve years old can be left in a special children’s zone where they can have fun and safe time.The huge Central Market in Ljubljana has been operating for over 70 years. It is open all week except Sunday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, and consists of an open space and a covered market. This is the place where Slovenes do shopping, meet friends, and catch up with each other’s news. Here you can find both the most necessary basic goods such as dairy products and vegetables and more rare delicacies like wild berries or fried squid, as well as traditional Slovenian food. Local artisans sell their products in the same market where. Here you can often hear live music. Copyright www.orangesmile.comNational cuisine of Slovenia – specialties, recipes and restaurantsSlovenian national dishes cannot be called widely known. An average European can barely name at least one Slovenian dish. Nevertheless, the cuisine of …
Read furtherAt the Arts and Crafts Fair taking place on Friday and weekends from April to October, craftsmen from all over the region sell unique handicrafts made from wood, clay, fabrics, stone, and other materials. That’s where you can find something special to take home with you – a painting, a necklace, a statuette or a carpet. In one of the car parks of Maribor, there is a popular Sunday flea market where you can find and buy real antique treasures at low prices, ranging from jewelry and lampshades to furniture and paintings.

Tourists hunting for something truly Slovenian are advised to visit “Galerija Mikame” in Bled, a store selling unique hand-made products by Slovenian craftsmen. These are mainly unique high-quality ceramic handicrafts, fabrics, jewelry, interior decoration items. “Zakladi Slovenije” (Treasures of Slovenia) in Bled offers a great choice of delicious local sweets and spices, teas and spirits, as well as beautiful souvenirs and handmade soaps. In Piran, there is charming little shop “Nika’s Tiny House” where most of original souvenirs are made from pieces of wood found by its talented owner on the shore.National traditions and mentality of people in SloveniaSlovenia is a small country that has absorbed the best cultural elements of its neighbors – Austria, Italy, Hungary – to create its own authentic …
Read further“SMILE” concept store in Ljubljana can be characterized by the word “colorful”. All its products are bright and seem to emit rays of sunshine. The store sells interesting funny wooden figurines of such personalities as Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali, flower pots, wall stickers, candles, notebooks, bracelets, sunglasses, soap, and much more. For vinyl lovers, the capital has prepared “Spin Vinyl” – a second-hand shop of vinyl records, among which you can find real pearls.

You won’t have to think long about what to bring from Slovenia, as unique and inimitable things are found at every turn in this small country. These are wonderful Idrija lace, Bovec sheep cheese, chocolate covered figs, gold jewelry created according to the 15th-century traditions, clothes of such Slovenian brands as “Sens” and “Akultura”, wooden products from Ribnica. Besides that, one should pay attention to amazing Piran salt and Slovenian wines, painted honeycombs, and works by local artists and sculptors. 

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